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True . . . The Senate was established to be the cooling place for the House's hotheaded actions. Didn't a founder compare it to the saucer you pour your hot tea in to cool it? The Senate is meant to slow things down and make it harder for bills to pass.

Funny pictures about Mission accomplished Senate. Oh, and cool pics about Mission accomplished Senate. Also, Mission accomplished Senate.

The want to feel acceptable, to walk outside in anything and feel pretty, to fit in everything like its a dress

I want to be able to say my weight at loud and not be ashamed of it . I want to walk outside and feel pretty

Eating disorders.

I want you guys to know this isn't a pro-eating disorder or pro-self harm page. I just thought I would post these quotes because I know they help some people feel less alone.

Because when I'm tiny I only feel better, I will be more important In my friend' lives and I will be more accepted and best of all I will feel comfortable in my body everyday because I'm thin .


this is exactly how I feel right now. hunger is the only thing that makes me feel good (except seeing my weight go down)


now if you can read that without lifting up flabs of fat, you are thin enough. if you can actually bend over to write that on your thighs, you are thin enough. if you can put your knees together without your thighs touching, youre thin enough