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Cool idea to create the feel of open plan when you cannot pull down walls - bi fold window

Window wall

Salvaged Window Room Divider plus those amazing shoes up on the wall. Great space separation an utility

oud raam tss hal en living

Interior windows, yes. Asymmetrical arrangement of bookshelves, yes. Shelves might be even cooler, if the edges of shelves were painted black.

Wonderful room divider!

Cork Tile, Style No. 410 Armstrong, Airy divider with night stand shelves and a built-in dresser separates the bed from the conversation area near the sliding doors.


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Intérieur de Sandrine, créatrice de Neëst

Too many walls and a room can feel small and cramps, but not enough and distractions abound. This half wall with beams and a beaded curtain lets in plenty of light and air while still keeping the office area removed from the rest of the house.