YASS!!! However this is in certain cases hopefully your parents and peers are normal enough to let you do your own thing and fuck em otherwise

I suggest eating him alive and moving on to stronger men. Why are women expected to change for men?

Although, not gonna lie, bacon is tasty and pumpkin spice is only good in pie.<<< Thank you, although U personally hate bacon

Pumpkin spice is inherently feminine? Bacon is a boy-food? Can we all agree that that's bullshit lies and have pumpkin spice latte with a double-smoked bacon breakfast sandwich?

Abortion, sex. Sexism.  Feminism.  Misogyny.  Rape culture

funny how sex is an irresistible human urge when a man rapes a woman but when a woman gets pregnant and wants an abortion she should have been smarter and thought twice before having sex if she didn't want a child


"You can sell breast, but you cannot wear breasts." Yup, that pretty much sums it up.

Well we can see someone is based against the man because they assume he is a worthless husband for no reason.

Men: don't have a uterus, don't get periods, don't go through childbirth, don't have to take birth control, don't get breast cancer at the rate that women do. So then why the FUCK are MEN the ones making WOMEN'S decisions?

Friendship is not a sh*tty consolation prize for women "denying you" a romantic and/or sexual relationship. She doesn't like you that way, bro. GET OVER IT. It's called respecting her own choices about her life.

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I want to live on my own terms free from systemic oppression inflicted by white men upon anyone who isnt a white man