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One of our favorite quotes from Ben Franklin, publisher of The Pennsylvania Gazette.

The person who deserves the most pity is the lonesome one on a rainy day who doesn't know how to read. Ben Franklin, publisher of The Pennsylvania Gazette and a founding Father

Make Incredible Pots Of Coffee With These Ideas. The morning coffee ritual is played out in households across the globe. Consider how you buy your coffee and where it comes from. What coffee do you typica

think about this during #yoga

How to avoid wrist pain in yoga! Something I hear from beginner students all the time is that when in downward dog their wrists hurt. Here are some of the most simple ques to avoid wrist pain.

Special-Occasion White Cake

Special-Occasion White Cake Recipe ~ "My grandma used to be known for her delicious wedding cakes, and this is the recipe she used," relates field editor Sue Gronholz from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.