Pillow quilt. DOING THIS! Perfect for camping, outdoor concerts, & movie nights! So cool

Pillow Quilt - Here’s a great idea! Sew some pillows together to make a pillow quilt that you can use for movie nights, picnics, or just for lounging around. Everyone will love the soft feel of this quilt, that’s for sure!

Car seat blanket! Diy

DIY: Baby car seat blanket with holes cut out for the seat belt - would make cute baby shower present. TUTORIAL HERE www. good gift idea, looks easy to make

baby sleeping bag tutorial

Baby Sleeping Bag 09/2013 #148

Forget the baby! How bout a baby doll sleeping bag? Now that would be awesome sewing project: baby sleeping bag

DIY: t-shirt blanket.

Make a t-shirt blanket quilt out of all my high school t-shirts. It seems every club you join in high school feels the need to give you a t-shirt.

Baby Quilt. LOVE THIS!

By Everyday Handmade - lovely banner / bunting quilt design

Moby Baby boy Whale Quilt..navy and aqua made by AlphabetMonkey This one is better!!

I am loving all the whale stuff Moby Baby boy Whale Quilt.navy and aqua made by AlphabetMonkey