Sanne Ankerstjerne

Sanne Ankerstjerne

Sanne Ankerstjerne
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I miss u...Jan 6,2011...seems so long ago..but th hurt is still th same..

Great memories I had wth u bby. But life isn't fair nd toke u away from me. Now I miss you wth all my heart. I Can't get this shit of feelings out of my heart. My heart say something nd my mom say another thing.

Stop caring and wondering about how much you matter to others...

It& not that I don& care about people. But when people start bringing me down and saying things they shouldn& That& when I stop listening to what they say. I don& need that stress in my life. So say what you want to say because I don& care.

Love Hurts

And each time the tears fall, she grows stronger. But never allows herself to grow jaded and calloused … Never lose her compassion which is the true beauty of being a woman.