DIY project: Build a Leopold Bench. When the famed conservationist Aldo Leopold wanted a place to sit, he built himself a simple bench with timeless appeal. The bench


How to Grow Celery: Organic Gardening I am determined to successfully. Maybe planting in the fall instead of spring will do the trick.


Tips for preserving the summer harvest: Organic Gardening I really like the tips on preserving summer squash and zucchini. Not only can you puree and freeze them for breads, cakes, and soups, but you can dry them into chips!


How to Control Earwigs -- A living contradiction, earwigs are both a beneficial insect and a garden pest.

Organic Gardening

7 organic seed companies worth checking out, gardening, A Picture of organic corn from Native Seeds based out of Tucson Arizona They are devoted to saving wild and ancient seed from the southwest


Did insect pests get the best of you and your garden last year? Were you witness to overnight attacks on your veggie crop? Are you a bit worried that this year might bring a repeat performance? Never fear! Here are 10 timely, timesaving tips to help you t


How to Grow Thyme: Organic Gardening probably my favorite herb .love to use thyme butter under the skin of chicken as it roast .or just to brush up against lemon thyme