1940's Fashion cô gái mặc short ngắn mix với áo phông áo sơ mi rất trendy


Picture provided by UNIQUE VINTAGE; anyone else see the irony in this lovely old picture of the bathing beauties---> Eat ice cream and YOU TOO will be skinny. But love the picture just the same!

Because we can. Flapper getting a tattooed garter belt.c.1920s

17 Kick-Ass Vintage Photos Of Women With Tattoos

Flapper getting a tattooed garter belt. I knew women got tattooed eyeliner and cheek blush in the but to tattoo a garter belt? I suppose it looked sexy once the real garters came off in bed.

50s fashion.  For all of us grandmothers who complain about how short shorts are now a days!  LOL!

Vintage divas in hot pants! I wore my hot pants with matching tunic tops ~ I remember, specifically, a red and white striped outfit, and also an orange outfit with embroidered trim.

Food-photo-series-by-Nora -Luther-and-Pavel-Becker-1

Moving Food Series by Nora Luther and Pavel Becker

Surreal Houses

Surreal Houses

Unusually Beautiful Architectural Collages by Matthias Jung from Colossal

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Celebrating Gucci’s Cruise Collection With 4 Top Bloggers (The Edit)

Surreal Houses

Surreal Houses

Graphic designer Matthias Jung is not an architect but he creates what he calls ‘architectural short poems’, surreal homes put together from photo material that he collects, building his own architectural misfits.


Food Art By Jolita Vaitkute

I’m an artist from Lithuania. I made these portraits of famous people using chocolate, various spices, ketchup, cheese and some other products.


Food Art By Jolita Vaitkute

Artist Jolita Vaitkute Creates Her Awesome Art Using Food


Food Art By Jolita Vaitkute