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A Body in Motion

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Daily Affirmations - 8 Feb 2013
Click now to get your third eye chakra meditation and 4 more tips for opening your third eye chakra.

Good Massage

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Msg! #fact Our bodies are so amazing. #painrelief #wellness #onsite #massagetherapy #ALauraMassage #feelyourbest

Funny Massage Quotes

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As a teacher, ahimsa means being aware of your students’ physical limitations. Be gentle and mindful when giving hands-on assists. Help students push themselves, but not to the point of injury.
Massage has had a positive effect on every medical condition we've looked at Tiffany Fields Ph D. University of Miami #massagetherapy #poweroftouch
Neuroscientists Discover a Song That Reduces Anxiety By 65% (Have a Listen) - The Health Science Journal

Thai Massage

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Lose Weight Fast | Lose Weight | Affirmation | Law of Attraction
God Is Closer Than You Think, John Ortberg
Create a law of attraction lifesytle

Life Facts

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Get more Body Image affirmations to help you boost your confidence and mental health.          #bodyimage #positiveaffirmations
If you're looking for how to naturally reduce inflammation in your body, this is a comprehensive article including things like anti-inflammatory foods and anti-inflammatory supplements, healthy lifestyle changes, heal your gut, adding air purifying plants, and more to naturally reduce inflammation. #guthealth #inflammation #naturalhealing #chiropractic #naturallyreduceinflammation #anti-inflammatoryfoods #anti-inflammatorysupplements
....slow and steady wins the race!


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DIY 3 Day Juice Cleanse For Weight Loss #3DayDetox #detoxdiets3day


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What is Chronic pain?

Body Motivation

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Stay positive and be good to yourself.

Self Respect

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Vitamin A & C make peaches a great natural moisturizer. These vitamins can help regenerate skin tissue & slow the aging process. Chlorogenic acid along with Vit C help reduce the formation of dark circles, fine lines & wrinkles. The presence of so many nutrients, vitamins & antioxidants gives the proper diet for healthy growing hair. Peaches applied directly to the scalp protecting against hair loss. Rubbing its flesh on the skin as a mask allows enzymes to nourish & refreshen the skin. #dherbs
Pineapple & Bromelain

Food Facts

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The Hidden Muscle Causing Your Sciatica Pain And 2 Easy Stretches For INSTANT Relief #yogaexerciseforlowerbackpain
Make time for physical activity for success. Understand how not only your health benefits from exercising regularly. Boost your confidence and efficiency one day at a time. Join the 52-Week Challenge For A More Productive You for accountability, support, and guidance. #productivity #confidence #success #fitness #health
Weak foot muscles are thought to play a role in the cause of plantar fasciitis. These 3 moves can improve foot strength and functioning of your whole body.

Exercise For Seniors

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Daily Meditation

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Healing Powers of Ginger
Nutmeg has been known for its role as a sedative, stimulant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic substance. A great source of Manganese which helps with regulating the blood sugar & absorbing calcium while helping form tissues, bones, & sex hormones. A good source of copper & magnesium, both containing an antioxidant enzyme that repairs cells & reduces oxidative stress. The oil stimulates the brain, enhances concentration, helps with anxiety & depression & dissolve kidney stones & relieve infections.

Food Info

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Ginger Lemon Detox Water For Rapid Weight Loss
J.J. Smith's Berry Apple Cider Vinegar Drink: You can enjoy this recipe first thing in the morning or before meals to aid digestion.
Gin Soaked Raisins For Treating Arthritis Pain. Verdict: It works! Drinking alcohol has been shown to cut the risks of developing rheumatoid arthritis in half. Gin is flavored by the juniper berry, which contains anti-inflammatory properties. Raisins contain ferulic acid, gentisic acid and salicylic acid – all natural pain relievers:

Healthy Smoothies

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Auricular acupuncture for depression

Deep Tissue Massage

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I'm slim, healthy and strong ~ weight loss affirmation
Inspirational Quotes about  | "I am at home in my body." — Louise Hay

Psychology Facts

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Losing Weight Tips, Weight Loss Plans, Healthy Weight Loss