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Im not gonna fight for a spot to mean something to you i have more things to deal with then sit around trying to earn you affection! relationship quotes, relationship tips


Quotes and inspiration about Love QUOTATION – Image : As the quote says – Description Love : Love quote : Love : Love Quotes love quotes for her love quot -


Life motto: Look like a girl. Act like a lady. Think like a man. Work like a boss.

..tisk tisk..

inspirational quote - too many people buy things they don't need with money they don't have trying to impress people they don't even like

Talk to me please..... if you dont want to just know trying rn really hard.... i love you so much babe!!❤

& hey I'm a little bumped on how today ended. I feel also neglected. I disconnected from u.


Keep calm and sparkle. But first thought was makeup, nail polish, glitter, but also vampires lol, or even sparkly personality. Just don't stop your sparkle.


Whatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln Abe Lincoln is one of my all time favorite presidents, and men in general!

Altaaf Dawoodani

Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life ! Shoes are Simply Fabulous

A lottle. He he.

Cute friendship quotes

cute friendship quotes A good friend is one who knows your strengths and weaknesses and still treasures you for who you are. A friend indeed is someone who stands by you in hard times and always ce…

En far kommer hjem fra arbejde sent, træt og irriteret.

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