Custom Snake Plissken GI Joe action figure

Custom Snake Plissken GI Joe action figure - WANT! Although this brings up a good geeky argument - In the long run, do you think he would have been a Cobra agent or a Joe?


When growing up, I never had Garloo, much like this creepy thing, but I remember the commercials well! He was a scary looking monster!

Behold the Mighty Thor on his Pink Scooter!

The Mighty Thor Scooter, with friction drive, by MARX. What a lovely shade of pink.

Product Rip Offs...check out the batteries on the last one.

Rip-Off Level: China

Rip-Off Level: China- This is stunning. They just throw ripped characters at a product until it looks crowded. It's funny in a mentally deficient sort of way.

Love Jesus' Pump-Action Shotgun!!!

Jesus Christ action figure "with ninja-messiah throwing nails, death killer-cross pump action over-under shotgun"

funny bootleg toy buzz lightyear

A deformed, trash bin bootleg of Buzz Lightyear. More an industrial accident presented as entertainment.

Image result for tmnt bootlegs

A mind searing, backwoods outhouse bootleg of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A true sign of the end of hope for mankind.

Yikes, it's "Specialman"The writer of the referring article called this list of bad knockoff toys "the stuff of nightmares" and headlined it "Disturbing Toy Ripoffs Guaranteed to Ruin Your Kid's Christmas." While I imagine that any kid who desires the authentic version of these playthings for Christmas would likely be disappointed to receive these bad knockoffs, it's pretty difficult for me to take the situation seriously while I'm laughing. See all 37 bad toy ripoffs here. ...

These fake bootlegs are so scary, I almost want them. View Bootleg Toys That Might Ruin Your Childhood" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

G.I. Joe figure - Chuck Norris

:::ummm awesome::: Custom Made Chuck Norris 3 3 4 Gi Joe Vintage Style ARAH Action Figure

Dropping tonight, 11pm gmt+1! #Troma #GoodlegToys #resin #actionfigures #art #bootleg #toys #SurfNazisMustDie

Troma Entertainment X Goodleg Toys “Surf Nazis Must Die” Adolf Action Figure Dropping April 30th!

Troma Entertainment X Goodleg Toys "Surf Nazis Must Die" Adolf Action Figure Dropping April We’re proud to present our first official Troma action figure release, introducing Adolf, leader of.