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If you can't find the time, energy, or interest to get to the gym, but enjoy spending time in the pool, this collection of 10 swimming workouts to lose weight will help you not only burn calories, but also tone your abs and core so you can get that bikini body you've always wanted!

This collection of 10 fabulous swimming workouts for weight loss is perfect for beginners (and for runners!) who are trying to get back in shape and don't want to spend their entire day swimming laps. These workout plans will help you get the abs of your

Morrigan by BlackAssassiN999.deviantart.com on @deviantART Apologies to the Alistair fangirls, but Morrigan and Zevran are both way more interesting than some Templar wannabe.

Full View Replaying DA: O now, and sure I can't help drawing the bitchest girl of the awesome game PS 5 hours. (c) Dragon age, Bioware, EA.