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Doodle idea/Character development: Draw an OC with a backpack full of things they'd collect or let weigh them down or that captures their personality. >>> Noorio-Go-Go by ~tokyo-go-go on deviantART

One of two prints from artist Kevin Dart's Space Shuttle series celebrating the…

mechaddiction: “One of two prints from artist Kevin Dart’s Space Shuttle series celebrating the Challenger and Columbia. These two incredible shuttles and their crews completed 36 successful missions and spent over 300 days in space. Some highlights.

Typed in my boyfriend's name and got a Narwhale, and Eskimo, and a Sea Lion waiting for a bird to jump off an iceberg cause he's through with life I tell ya!

I must confess. I have weakness for narwhals. So when I came across this illustration with a narwhal. AND a seal, I could not help but pin it. "Lovely work from Joey Chou.

Very simple design yet interesting. I like how the use of two simple colors can make us think of a woman playing cello. It is interesting the brown color at the bottom of the image, it makes the image more interesting. AR

Malika Favre Vector Illustrations by Jéssica Vieira. Amazing use of negative space. Flowing lines and shapes keep the composition fluid. The black and white is makes the negative space possible. It feels like the yin and yang symbol.

Vector sound waves by Microvector on @creativemarket

Vector sound waves

Vector sound waves by Microvector on - Tap the link to see the newly released collections for amazing beach bikinis!

Snow Village | Zutto.

Alexandra Zutto on INPRNT. These gorgeous, colorful prints by Alexandra Zutto are available in her INPRNT Store. (This post was sponsored by INPRNT.

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If you need some inspiration, we selected 30 creative low poly illustrations you should check out! These low poly illustrations will surely inspire you!

Vector galactic space shapes and textures.  (Illustrator Joe Van Wetering illustration)

Joe Van Wetering

"Tectonic wormhole" illustration by Joe Van Wetering. I love the colors, the stardust texture, and the use of whitespace in this graphic design. This was originally sold as wall art on his website.

Vector inspiration | #942

25 cool vector illustrations