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Catalina island was beautiful! Went with mah Girl Scouts; i love them... Haha i'm bored on the computer... should i post some of the head-canons i've edited?

phil coulson forever!! #avengers

I almost cry...

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Agent Coulson

Official Clark Gregg/Agent Coulson Support Thread

This thread is devoted to the under-appreciated but important SHIELD agent and member of the Avengers Initiative: Agent Coulson played by Clark Gregg....

Agent Phil Coulson

Superhero Bits: The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, Agent Coulson, Galactus – Page 2 of 3 – /Film

Cool 3D art of The Joker by Daniele Angelozzi on Cool Vibe. Everyone has their own opinions about why Marvel’s recent film was a giant success; here’s Nerd Bastards top ten “most awesome” moments in The Avengers. The Avengers meets The Hangover in this video from START. (Apologies if I ran this earlier this week.) Here’s another …

Supernanny Coulson

where the sun sails - ohcararara: I <3 Son of Coul (This one gets...

ohcararara: I <3 Son of Coul (This one gets...