Rikke Tougaard

Rikke Tougaard

Rikke Tougaard
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I actually like the black wood walls, could add warmth to the backyard

A few accent pieces, such as the cushions the hanging pendant, and the Moroccan pouf and this rustic outdoor space is ready for Outdoor Living and Entertainment all Summer long well into Fall!

cardboard robots

Robots from boxes--definitely!" Not sure who that is, but ROBOTS. OH MY GOODNESS. This would be perfect as a collaborative project with an English teacher, if kids were to read a sci-fi, futuristic book that had robots.

Cardboard Robots

Cardboard is such a versatile and "easily to hand" craft material, so that it makes perfect sense to use cardboard when crafting with kids! We are always on the look out for new cardboard craft ideas, that are fun and get those creative juices flowing.