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Rikke Sander

Rikke Sander
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Jewelry Tool Tips - Protecting Gemstones when Soldering

Jewelry Tool Tips - How to do repairs or sizing of rings set with gemstones. Protect the gemstone by standing the jewelry piece in a cup filled with coarse river sand and water. Care must be taken that the water does not boil away when soldering the piece

cbasing and repousse tools and setup - from Intro to Chasing and Repousse: Create Dimension in Metal With or Without Pitch, plus how to make your own chasing tools

Learn everything you've always wanted to know on how to use chasing and repoussé to create amazing dimension in metal jewelry designs.

Metalsmithing Tools: Bezel Opening Tool

Create your own bezel "unsetting" metalsmithing tool to help you out of jam. Make this tool to help save you time and money in your jewelry-making studio.