10  Fun Easter Crafts

10+ Fun Easter Crafts & Activities for Kids

Peek-A-Boo Chick This cute Easter craft a kid favorite. Cut out your craft foam pieces using our provided template and assemble them so that your baby chick can hatch out of his beautifully decorated egg. Our daughter played with the peek-a-boo chick cra

Use a potato to make Easter egg stamps! #Easter craft for kids | http://www.sassydealz.com/2014/03/easter-egg-potato-stamping-craft-kids.html

Easter Egg Potato Stamping Craft for Kids

Tie-Dyed Coffee Filter Easter Eggs - really neat! Use water-based markers (leave white space inbetween for spreading). Spray/Mist with water squirter. Color bleeds. Let dry. Links to instructions. (iVillage tested and said it's easy and it works).

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Lots of Easter Crafts For Kids - coffee filter cut into egg shape, draw on with marker, spray with water and let colors bleed.

Make a design with hot glue on eggs, dip into dye, and when cool peel of the glue.

Hot Glue + Color = Beautiful Easter Eggs in Pollock style. Creative Connections for Kids (Even just white glue.

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs ~ Housing A Forest

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs ~ Fun way to decorate Eggs- since we don't have egg dye here!

Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies - cheap, easy and cute! This is a great kids craft for Spring or Easter.

Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

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