LCHF-HVERDAG: Hurtige LCHF-chili cheese tops #lchf #chilicheesetops

LCHF-HVERDAG: Mozarella balls stuffed with chopped jalapenos and rolled in crushed pork rinds. Fry in coconut oil. Original recipe hasn't got egg but I would whisk an egg and dip the cheese balls before rolling in pork rinds.

Mine bedste LCHF opskrifter: Lækre LCHF pizzasnegle - en børnefavorit :)

Momses frikadeller goes LCHF - Mine bedste LCHF opskrifter

Sunne havrepannekaker

breakfast pancakes 1 egg 2 dl oatmeal 1 tbs sugar 1 ts baking soda dl milk

Snasket pizzasandwich - low carb, LCHF og glutenfri -->

Snasket pizzasandwich - low carb, LCHF og glutenfri -->

Chinese sweet & spicy boneless chicken bites

Chinese take out made at home. Add rice and it is much cheaper meal than in restaurant. Try our homemade Chinese Sweet and spicy boneless chicken and General Tso's chicken copycat