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Floral Tattoo with Butterfly

Floral Tattoo with Butterfly by artist Niloy Das. Tattoos in Kolkata, Tattoos in India, Best Tattoo studio in Kolkata, Best Tattoo studio in India, Tattoos

Tattoo Orchids by darkangels280 on @DeviantArt

I drew this from a design i saw in a tattoo book. It is a Cheery Creek design (they supply Flash for tattoo studios etc) I loved this when i saw it in c.

Purple orchid by Rustamova.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I can't wait to add orchids on my arm sleeve. I love orchids and been wanting them tattooed for a while now and I am finally able to get it ❤❤❤

Cooktown Orchid Botanical Illustration is the third of 8 paintings featured in the Nature Watch section of Australian Geographic Magazine Issue 130

Seeing my series of botanical illustrations of our beautiful Australian Floral Emblems on the Australian Geographic website this week has been such a highlight