Great idea for math!!

halloween math activity: addition/subtraction sorting - child determines which sticks add up to the number on the bucket.

Popcorn- Greater or less than

"On the white paper (plain popcorn) I wrote numbers, on the yellow (buttered popcorn) I wrote math symbols (+ – x ). Students can then choose 2 pieces of white popcorn and 1 piece of yellow. They write the equation and answer in their books.

Fractions and other neat ideas for the classroom!

Take this idea for binary numbers Make fraction reference cards that double as bookmarks - Simple DIYs for primary students

good idea

Math spiders Learning + a healthy snack! and they are working on composing numbers and finding all the different ways to make a number!

cute math ideas

I made this little math fact matching game a few nights ago. It came from a file folder game book.

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