Copenhagen at Christmastime, Denmark.this is my hometown.

Copenhagen at Christmastime, Denmark ————— Catch me here during Yule 😂 Just kidding, I wish but I’m poor😭

wander. #denmark .

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Vikings:  #Vikings ~ He Sleeps - Kronborg Castle, Helsingor, #Denmark.

Vikings: He Sleeps - Kronborg Castle, Helsingor, Denmark. According to legend Holger Danske sleeps under the Kronborg Castle until Denmark is in danger and needs his help.

#vikings Viking Ring Fortress, Trelleborg #denmark .

Viking Ring Fortress, Trelleborg/ trelleborg a collective name of circular forts in Denmark and southern Sweden. 5 are dated to the reign of herald Bluetooth first discovered example named after trellebrog near slagelse,denmark.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark Art & Architecture Copenhagen, Denmark - View to Copenhagen by Budapestman

Texture - Copenhagen, Kobenhavn.

The oldest building on Amagertorv on Copenhagen's main shopping street, Stroget.