Macrame was everywhere... clothes, accessories, home decor...

“Handmade macrame bags by lovely Kkibo are now available in the Venice shop ✨”

this would probably be 1970s, but it's also a portrait of me in 20 years... a crazy quilt and a pile of chooks.... yep, that sounds about right.

I know I pinned this long ago, but I want to repost it because I love it so much! Quilting is such an old art - this photo is priceless! She is making a beautiful "crazy quilt" from whatever scraps she had.

Vintage french circle Wall ABSTRACT STRING ART 70s 1970s seventies on Etsy, $59.89

Vintage french circle wall abstract String Art from the diameter 11 in Wood plaque with red felt Very good condition

Macrame'. I got something as a wedding gift we couldn't figure out what it was! it was white with hoops and had no function

Macrame owl hanging wait, Lesley, isn't this your house?

Learn how to make over seventy macramé knots and small repeat patterns, then use them to create a wide range of projects. Each knot is shown in a close-up photograph with clear step-by-step diagrams showing how they are tied. Starting with the basics, the knots progress on to more complicated and complex designs, but the clear diagrams make it a cinch to follow along. This invaluable guidebook covers the different types of threads or cords available... #new #macrame #book

The Paperback of the Macrame Pattern Book: Includes Over 70 Knots and Small Repeat Patterns Plus Projects by Marchen Art at Barnes & Noble.


1970's swedish abstract folk art picture hessian / applique retro sweden fabric

70s macrame crafter

macrame crafter- Spent so many hours making everything from planters to purses to halter tops.