Floating Boat Daybed: Suspended Sleeping  Several Examples and a DIY!

Old boat made as a swing bed - 13 DIY Repurposed Boats Ideas [This would be awesome as a porch swing/bed - the perfect cozy place to nap, read a book, daydream.

Designed by the team at O*GE, this massive bed replicates a bird nest in human size proportions

Unique Coolest Beds Ever Birds Nest Bed Ideas Ideas, Unique Coolest Beds Ever Birds Nest Bed Ideas Interior Design, Unique Coolest Beds Ever Birds Nest Bed Ideas Image id 31274 in Gallery

I heart canopies...so dreamy for summer!

sleeping porch - must remember idea of scrim (mosquito netting) if setting up a daybed in outdoor room.

Doesn't a summer nap here sound lovely?  Hey, a girl can dream.

In Keith McNally’s Martha’s Vineyard farmhouse, all five children have distinctive bedrooms, including this rustic-chic space, where a bed constructed of reclaimed wood and a recessed mattress creates a cozy hideaway.See more inspiring kids' rooms.

Enchanting fairytale home constructed from pine logs emanates nobleness from every corner, in Novokuznetsk, Russia.

Storybook Bedroom Fact: The rest of this Siberian-style house in Novokuznetsk, Russia, looks equally as magical as this storybook bedroom. Fairytale Homes - Small Homes - Country Living

Gorgeous bedroom!

This is a Bedroom Concepts. The interior design is a broad term for many interior designers young and old. The interior design is said to be the most important thing in the house after construction…

15 Beautiful Bedroom Designs to inspire you.

White Bedroom Interior Design Ideas & Pictures, Create a clean, calm sleeping space by using white decor in your bedroom. White can be the perfect base for any bedroom design. - Page 3

Feeling in a deeper contact with my feminine side today, seeking of charm, softness and indulgence.

Four poster beds are yum. lullabyte Four poster beds are yum. Four poster beds are yum.

A shack in the big city. (in Portuguese)

A Fresh Indoor Design Idea: Round Window Bookcase all designed by Fabio Galeazzo, as part of a colorful “Urban Cabin” in Sao Paoplo, Brazil.

15 really cool alcove beds!!

Over 32781 people liked this! Love cute little cozy nook beds or window seats. Perfect for a kids' room or reading area. Looks like a great place to curl with with a cup of tea and a good book! --A hobbit hole reading nook!