Way Huge Swollen Pickle™ Jumbo Fuzz WHE401

Way Huge Electronics Swollen Pickle mkII Jumbo Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal (Electronics) newly tagged "stratocaster"

Dunlop Fuzz Face® Distortion JDF2

Jim Dunlop Fuzz Face® one of the best stompbox guitar fx. User: Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Eric Clapton, etc.

MXR Carbon Copy® Analog Delay M169

MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal – Briggs Music Store - The Guitar Cellar

MXR Micro Chorus M148

All analog circuitry with bucket brigade technology Rich chorus textures True bypass With its simple operation and stellar analog tone—the MXR Micro Chorus join

MXR Phase 90 m101

MXR Phase 90 Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal for sale with FREE next day UK delivery at Guitarbitz.

MXR Talk Box m222

The Talk Box contains its own amp and speaker driver for modern gigging convenience with Volume, Tone, and Gain controls to fine-tune your sound to taste.