Rasmus Burkal

Rasmus Burkal

Horsensgade 18, 2100 København / Entrepreneur, passionate father, web & mobile geek. I'm hooked on the web, mobile & everything digital! Founder of @SplitterHQ
Rasmus Burkal
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Porsche 944 Turbo … i am not particularly a big fan, but this one is pretty darn nice. all black, rollcage and rolling on oz mito's, hell yeah!

Porsche 944 #9

Porsche 944 pictures and information. Here you can find Porsche 944 photos and parameters.

Smash137 - Cordonazo 2012Paper 76.5x56cm

Smash137 - Cordonazo 2012Paper 76.5x56cm

IN LA: RETNA @ MICHAEL KOHN GALLERY i love this painting by RETNA. Usher Battle reality set.

Magazine - In LA: Retna @ Michael Kohn Gallery

panic room. graffiti art.

French graffiti artist Tilt has swamped one half of a Marseille hotel room in decoration, while the other half remains completely blank.


A Conversation with Smash 137