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Nerd Girl Problem #41... AAHHHH!!!

Nerd Girl Problem 41 - When The Network Cancels Your Favorite Show. Teen Titans, Invader Zim, and Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

Paperbacks vs. hardcovers

Not a nerd girl problem. A book fan problem because I know a ton of female and male nerds that hate reading they completely hate it

Or when other kids start getting pissed at you because you get everything right all the time.

Wasn't so funny at the time but in two different classes in college, I got told by the teacher not to answer anymore questions. Brilliandt, my English III teacher. He assumed I knew and read everything.

Nerd Girl Problem

That's just a Nerd problem and they keeping going on how they are a hundred percent sure that he is in the MCU.

#460 - There isn't a lot of fan fiction for your favorite book/movie/etc. and you have to really lower your standards

Nerd girl problem There isn't a lot of fanfiction for your favorite book/movie/etc and you have to really lower your standards

not books? what?

Nerd Girl Problem: Not knowing what your not-nerd friends want for their birthdays, because you're happy just with books.

Nerd Girl Problem #337    If men who are 70 can have wives who are 25, I can have the Doctor :P

Being in love with the Doctor though he is over 900 years older than you. And just a bit fictional

They'll fold pages to keep their place or crack the spine, don't look at me like I'm crazy I know they will I just know!

Welcome to my life. Sherlock & Spencer Reid (once again, words not mine, but yep.