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A pinwheel themed wedding including Toms signed by all the bridesmaids, pinwheel bouquets and boutonnieres, and a creative guestbook idea!

Beautiful wedding in the Garden August They were such a fun couple!

I'm leaning towards this, either tan/nude or blush colors, non-matching dresses for my maids.

The Secrets of Successful Mismatched Bridesmaids: a guide on how to have your girls wear different dresses yet still look like your team. Using same color choice, bridesmaids' choice on style each

TT_5334 - Flower Girl Dress Style 5334- Satin Aline Dress with Rhinestone Bow - Ivory - Flower Girl Dress For Less

Flower Girl Dresses -Flower Girl Dress Style Satin Aline Dress with Rhinestone Bow

Easter is such a gawkable holiday for home decor. Our apartments are already decked out in pretty pastels, speckled with dyed eggshells, and prepped with spring cleaned-vases just waiting to be filled with soon-blooming buds. So really, the pickin’s for DIY-ing your very own table centerpiece for Easter are anything but slim. These 23 centerpieces should provide that final push of DIY inspo for you to use the abundance of springy materials you already have at home—from eggshells to Peeps!—to…

23 DIY Spring Centerpieces That Are Perfect for Easter

Glitter Vase DIY for vases to use wet and dry. ~ Mary Wald's Place - DIY glitter vases from The Sweetest Occasion

Everyone always talks about the picture of the groom seeing her, never about the picture of the dad seeing her for the first time.

My dad is going to die the first time he sees me in a white dress! So many people take pictures the first time the groom sees the bride, dont forget about the first time her daddy sees her!

I wanna do this with my best & MOH !! :) except prob have randy and I kissing maybe or my head on his shoulder

"maid of honor" shot / / Michelle - this reminds me of reaching for your hand in church. = ) "maid of honor" shot :) absolutely in love with this

spa themed party | Reasons to Have a Bachelorette Spa Party | VIP Mobile Day Spa's Blog

5 Reasons to Have a Bachelorette Spa Party

Things to do for a bachelorette party if going to clubs isn't your thing. ASHLEY/ME: Sooo, I want to have a bachelorette day. spa day, brunch, and get dressed up to go out, then come back and have awesome sleepover!

LOVE this shot through the #weddingveil.  Must have photo, and so beautiful in black and white!  Image by True Photography

LOVE this shot through the weddingveil. Must have photo, and so beautiful in black and white! Image by True Photography

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Alex Crook & David Gubbay held their LDS wedding at Sundance Ski Resort in Provo Utah. The mormon ceremony was at the Salt Lake City temple.

50 New Must-Have Photos with Your Groom" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

75+ New Must-Have Photos With Your Groom

50 New Must-Have Bride and Groom Photos! Any one taking pictures ~ take note . love them almost all - but I am NOT going to get wet!

Ms. Cindy- maybe without the flowers....I'm okay with some pics of us just drinking  we ain't fancy folk

I love pictures of the groomsmen holding the bridesmaids bouquets. And drinking beer. This will be my wedding.

With only the bride and groom in color. looks like a moment frozen in time... cute photography ideas

"With only the bride and groom in color, it appears time has stopped" Awesome Wedding Pic Idea capps

bride reading a letter from groom

10 Wedding Shots You Don’t Know To Ask Your Photographer For–But Absolutely Must

10 Things To Do On The Day Of Your Wedding. I'll be glad I pinned this-lots of good things to remember

 #beautiful,  #perfect,  breakfast,  boyfriend  #love you -  happy  bed

A letter from the mother of the bride to the groom. I like the idea of the mother writing a letter to the groom! But I want an actual letter, not a check list. He already knows how to make me happy, or else I wouldn't be marrying him!

Beautiful! @Ryan Ray Photography from Th Wedding Chicks

Temecula Creek Inn Wedding [Dave Richards Photography]