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C.F. Møller Landscape søger erfaren landskabsarkitekt - C.F. Møller. Photo: Adam Mørk

Mode im Pool - Bürogebäude von C. Møller in Aarhus

Gallery - “La Cité des Loisirs” / 2/3/4/ - 16

Gallery of “La Cité des Loisirs” / Ateliers 2/3/4/ - 16

Concrete architecture

IDMM architects departs from traditional box-shaped buildings to create a series of stacked concrete viewfinders to view the urban landscape.

이름만 들어도 지긋 지긋한 현상설계...ㅡ,ㅡ; 사실 건축설계를 업으로 삼으면서 현상설계는 정말이지...건...

이름만 들어도 지긋 지긋한 현상설계...ㅡ,ㅡ; 사실 건축설계를 업으로 삼으면서 현상설계는 정말이지...건...



Guangdong-Macau Traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Park Office Buildings | Aedas | Architecture | Office | Guangdong, PRC

Located at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Park within the New High-tech Business Park district in Zhuhai, the design of Block is intended to create a gateway for the entire campus, while addressing the planning framework.

Bestseller office complex, Pier 2, Aarhus, by C.F. Møller Architects

The office complex for about 800 employees resembles a varied flotilla of buildings at different levels, which are connected by a series of outdoor spaces li.