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Torbjørn Rødland

Although Torbjørn Rødland recalls having a camera from the age of as a teenager his passion was drawing. "After doing caricatures and political cartoons for local newspapers," he says, "I got fed up with communicating easily decodable ideas through.

So this is Sushi? Lovely delicacy from Japan? Um? Ok? You first.

This is how I feel when people try to get me to eat seafood lol gross but very serious!

This is how i feel i look some days ... Blue and ready to fight! Lol

i want a tattoo that will wrap around my heel- of an octupus with a small mermaid in an outstretched tentacle. This is by far the most beautiful octopus photo i've found!

I would like to draw this 19299_510752612281032_2055327231_n.jpg 267×400 pixels

[[PFS Note: Amara]] From Great News! Daily, "Confidence in Shaky Times: The Presence of the…

It is so awesome to see how photo manipulation can work in a piece. I love how they made the explosion of smoke the same color as the body to really touch on the illusion of the face blowing up. It gives the image and uneasy feeling.


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possessive protective cecil is best cecil

kye-draws-things: possessive protective cecil is best cecil >> I AGREE

In my canon, Cecil is pierced, tattooed, third eye, glasses, tentacles, and white dreads. Though this doesn't have the dreads or tentacles, it's nearly perfect face wise.

here’s my inspiration maybe if u lean your