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Tom Hiddleston Photos - Actor Tom Hiddleston attends 'Thor: The Dark World' Premiere at Le Grand Rex on October 2013 in Paris, France. - 'Thor: The Dark World' Premieres in Paris

Tom Hiddleston "Loki" Stills from "The Dark World" From http://loki-stole-the-blue-box.tumblr.com/post/78169616120/hello-mother-have-i-made-you-proud

Ahe’ey - Sky Falling (An Original Novel - Part 1

Tom Hiddleston "Loki" Stills from Thor: The Dark World. Good gracious this man is beautiful

@KNEELmortals I think this is the original picture from that gorgeous photoshop...

Enter to WIN a Vacation to the Disneyland for Thor Treasures of Asgard

Gallery for Thor The Dark World Poster Loki. Loki character poster from Marvel's Thor: The Dark World

Tom Hiddleston "Loki" Zachary Levi "Fandral" "Thor - The Dark World" ... 'scuse me fangirl overload

Tom Hiddleston Zachary Levi: "Thor - The Dark World" . 'scuse me fangirl overload

Click here for 13 reasons why Thor: The Dark World convinced us that Loki is better than Thor!

Thor: The Dark World Review: Why I'll Always Prefer Loki

The Loki that Tom brings to life, and a character in one of the stories that I write are very similar. And he came before Tom's Loki.

Loki and kids from the commercials - We knew it.

The Ultimate Cure For Depression By Tom Hiddleston

Loki, your Hiddles is showing! Also, can you say ADORABLE? :D Comedy Central promos with Tom Hiddleston as Loki from Thor: The Dark World!

can we just take a second to recognize how tall tom is? i mean, natalie is wearing heels and he still towers over her. be still my beating heart!

can we just take a second to recognize how tall Tom is? he towers over her! and how short Natalie is.

Tom Hiddleston "Loki" Stills from "Thor : the Dark World"

Tom Hiddleston "Loki" "Thor: The Dark World" Loki loki everywhere //throws glitter//