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Nosfan Nem babei

Nosfan Nem babei

What the hell Jimin!? Are you trying to kill us armys!?!

Un mariage inattendu [park.jimin]


I love Kookie, but if he would tell me "Aishitemasu"(i love you in japanese) while staring at me like that.for a whole other reason than being moved.poor him.

Ummmm... Kookie sweetheart..... Are you aware that your seemingly developed abs are showing?? •-• I mean good GOD, don't you have any MANNERS!? -_- /.\ >_<

Caught You (Part 1)

Jak zareagują członkowie zespołu na twoje zachowania ?   Zapraszam ❤ #losowo # Losowo # amreading # books # wattpad

втѕ □ яєαк¢נє •

Sometimes, I have no words for Jimin. Also, V's smiling face in the background is quite nice.

adult - again. sorry (ft. hoseok) #wattpad #fanfiction

adult - again. sorry (ft. hoseok)

Am I the only one that thinks he looks particularly muscular here? Have you been working out, Hobi baby?<--- it looks as if suga has been teaching him swaeg tho