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Rudi Hurzlmeier

S for Snail: Rudi Hurzlmeier From the book 'Das Urknall-Komplott' by Oliver Maria Schmitt and Rudi Hurzlmeier

Geweldig deze, die kersjes, die lakschoentjes.

CHERRY LIMONADE: Rudi Hurzlmeier - This was the first Rudi I ever saw and fell instantly in love with his work, his sense of humor.

phantsythat: other people's work - part 92 - rudi hurzlmeier

I've been an admirer ever since I first ran across the work of German artist Rudi Hurzlmeier at least ten years ago when I found his Krah.

2012 // Lord Brummel - Rudi Hurzlmeier

2012 // Lord Brummel - Rudi Hurzlmeier what about a cup of tea?


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Rudi Hurzlmeier

By Rudi Herzlmeier. Did you notice that the bird is wearing little polka dot boots?

Полярный Мишка

Claire Fletcher midnight friends ~ I can't help it, it reminds me so much of Iorek and Lyra!