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-IserriouslylovethesefanartsXD, didyouknowthatthewordfanartbecomesfartifwetakeawaythenafromtheword, NevermindXD, Howisyourdaygoing3 (Creditsarentours) . . . . undertaleunderswapunderfellundertailunderlustsanstaleerrortaleinktaleinkxerroraftertaleunderversesanspapyrusasrielfriskcharatorielasgoreundynealphysblueblueberryblueberrysansussansufsans

-I serriously love these fanarts XD, did you know that the word fanart become fart if we take away the na from the word, Nevermind XD, How is your day going?

so haven’t post anything since I’m busy so have some sad gaster’s......and will continue to be busy...blame it on this song——>www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap-HeM…

so haven’t post anything since I’m busy so have some sad gaster’s.

Me pregunto que hubiera pasado si frisk hubiera sido el primer humano en caer y hubieran sido ellos tres la que la hubieran encontrado(para mi frisk es mujer )

Lol 😂 cute 😆 (Sans, Papyrus, and Gaster- Undertale)

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I don't understand the words but it is so adoreable