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This girl has the worst luck when it comes to award shows! I still love you Jen!

We need answers for these films.

16 "High School Musical" Questions That Need To Be Answered Or Else I'm Calling Up Zac Efron's Mom

We need answers for these films.

I  am  not  going  to  laugh pft    hahahahahahahaha

Was Canada not blessed with the gift of God commonly known as stick corn or

Post with 6010 votes and 4324075 views. So I went to my son's high school and these 2 gentlemen took full size posters to run for class president

I did and I'm not ashamed

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Are we just going to go over that fact that she's just imported people from Spain?

;) - only thing that can it better is Nathan dressed up and lipsyncing

I watched all of the shrek films recently and for weeks after just listened to the songs nonstop

22 of the Funniest Things Tumblr's Ever Said About 'High School Musical'

I find this funny, since my school actually has giant pictures of the students lining the walls above the lockers.<<<Same, my school has giant posters of student athletes and cheerleaders

This is me except I wouldn't be stopping a diet I'd be stopping not spending money.

*insert dramatic music

Ignore the foul word =_= But Fairy Godmother is quite nice to ask whether King Harold wants anything too as well XD