The Black Keys - Rich Kelly - 2010 I likenthe illustration on the crocodiles and how the imagery is interesting on its own from the woman sitting on the seat in the middle of the lake

1972 Herbal Essence Shampoo Illustrated Advertisement by fromjanet, $7.00

1972 Herbal Essence Shampoo Illustrated Advertisement by fromjanet, $7.00

I like the use of perspective and the mood depicted through the colour pallet!

This is Chicago poster artist Rich Kelly's genius artwork for The Tallest Man on Earth. The Tallest Man on Earth is the moniker for Swedish .

she & him

Travis Bone, a local SLC artist that I found while visiting my parents, has a wide array of unique posters and prints to promote bands visiting the SLC area


Banjo Man print by Methane Studios - Featured - Gallery Sufjan Stevens

aleksandra niepsuj

Lovecats poster This is so nicely designed. I love how the text is centered and the hierarchy is clear. The cats in various poses and croppings make it so interesting! Unity by repetition/similariy, unity by centering the text.

Sebastien Millon's Tumblr

ABC- by helen dardik. Limited edition giclee print of an original illustration. Printed on Epson velvet fine art stock cotton rag), using