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Deadpool would be that character...scratch that, Deadpool IS the large, illogical plot hole.

Prompt -- write a story with a large, illogical plot hole, then have the main character discover it

Now here's the question, are they protecting you, themselves, or are you the victim?

[WP] You and your spouse are on your honeymoon at a resort when you notice that everyone except for the two of you - guests included - is carrying a concealed firearm.

It was a little difficult moving around with a straightjacket on, but this was hardly the first time he'd had to.

It was a little difficult moving around with a straitjacket on, but this was hardly the first time he'd had to.


writing prompt - Earth is actually an animal sanctuary designed specifically to preserve a critically endangered species: Humans. Today the first reintroduction of Earth bred humans back into the wild will take place.

Would you please stop reminding me that I'm dead? ! I know already!

But then i walk out the door to see and live my real life again, because they need me. I could come back any time.

A modern human is transported through a portal. Expecting to find a Lovecraftian horror on the other side, he instead discovers a beautiful realm where he himself is the horror compared to its inhabitants.

A Christian Middle Eastern teen travel through a portal into a utopia. She tries to stay, but soon discovers corruption and persecution.

Ich sah, wie die meisten Schüler froh um die Unterbrechung von Frau Höfs Monolog, zur Tür. Ein Junge mit zerschlissenen Klamotten war ohne zu Klopfen herein gekommen. Er sah die Lehrerin kurz an. "Bist du der neue Schüler?", fragte diese. Der neue nickte. Er sah auf den Boden. Er sah nach Abenteuer aus. Also durfte ich mich auf keinen Fall mit ihm anfreunden.

You find out you're a Main Character, so you do everything to avoid getting dragged into a story involving you in some way.


dialogue prompt-- someone might have a scary habit if this is a reoccurring thing. Like, we have problems. Totally going to make one with this problem, even if it's just to have as backup.

This could be interesting!

Stay awake.

Okay but what if someone starts killing hibernating people, only there is a small amount of people awake, and you have to figure out who it is