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Site on The Harlem Renaissance. Brief bios on the history, writers, musicians of this time.

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The Apollo Theatre was a Broadway theatre located at 223 West Street in Manhattan, New York City.

Harlem Renaissance via the Cotton Club - Iconic Image of musicians outside the…

This picture is a famous bridge in Harlem, New York. Harlem is the largest black urban community. The city suffered from overcrowding, unemployment, and poverty. Harlem was the home literary and artistic revival. The Harlem renaissance of course happened in Harlem which helped to create a distinctive African American culture in the U.S. The movement was led by middle-class African Americans.

This picture is a famous bridge in Harlem, New York. Harlem is the largest black…

Duke Ellington. - ELLINGTON called his music "American Music" rather than jazz, and liked to describe those who impressed him as "beyond category." These included many of the musicians who were members of his orchestra, some of whom are considered among the best in jazz in their own right, but it was Ellington who melded them into one of the most well-known jazz orchestral units in the history of jazz.

Legends of Jazz . Duke Ellington was known in his life as one of the most influential figures in jazz, if not in all American music. Ellington called his music "American Music" rather than jazz.

duke ellington

theimpossiblecool: “ There are two rules in life: Number 1 - Never quit Number 2 - Never forget rule number 1 Duke Ellington. ” Duke Ellington in front of the Apollo Theater, New York, Photo by Richard Avedon / © Richard Avedon Foundation

African American Jewish children studying, Harlem, 1940.

African American Jewish Congregation in Harlem, children studying, (Alexander Alland—Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, © Alexander Alland Jr.

Louis Armstrong playing for his wife at the Giza Plateau

a 1961 new york times photo, showing louis armstrong playing trumpet for his wife, lucille, in front of the great sphinx and pyramids in giza, egypt. i wanna play for you in egypt!

Photographer Art Kane took the most wonderful photograph in jazz history – remarkable for many reasons. In features 57 of the best jazz musicians and the image has come to be called, ‘A Great Day In Harlem’.

A Great Day in Harlem 57 Jazz Legends! 1958 black & white group portrait of 57 notable jazz musicians photographed in front of a Brownstone in Harlem, New York City. The photo has remained an important object in the study of the history of jazz ~AMEN~