Balenciaga, 1954. Photo by Pottier.

Lucky is wearing two-piece suit with the new short jacket in pastel wool by Balenciaga, photo by Pottier, 1954

vintage french 1930

Silk Underpants (French), Met Museum, circa 1930 = Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Edwardian Beauty

This showcases the "La belle Epoque" spirit of the era during the Edwardian era. This image demonstrates the type of dress style that women wore. La belle Epoque was a period in history that lead up to WWI.

Ciao Bellissima - Vintage Glam; Model wearing cocktail dress by Herbert Sondheim, Vogue 1953

Women's Black Mirabella Lace Cocktail Dress

Vintage Summer

Timeless summer style:: Floral Fashion:: Vintage Lady:: Big Hat an flirty floral print dress