vintage bikes - Buscar con Google

Vintage Bicycle Photograph Yellow Aqua Retro Bike Wall Art Beach Bicycle Art I want a bike like this!

barefoot-in-the-country: Via Freedian

The round wheels work really well against the straight lines of the building, windows and paving. Learn more at

bike with blanket strapped on for that impromptu picnic or concert in the park

Bicycle Accessories - Helmuts, Cute Bike Gadgets 2013

bike with blanket strapped on for that impromptu picnic or concert in the park - or beach towel hookup!

Alevtina Elka Bikes Alina Project

Alena Chendler captures the chic bicycle riding ladies of Moscow. From Alena, "There are more and more beautiful bicycles and girl who ride them in Moscow.

Recycled Wool Picnic Rug and Straps by Beg Bicycles #picnic #picnicblankets

Vintage & classic styled luxurious cycling accessories from BEG Bicycles. See our range of gorgeous wool picnic rugs / blankets and other accessories.

If I had this golden bicycle, I would go riding more often.

5 Things To Try This Weekend

A bike with gold shimmer - love the idea for our Metallic Paint Collection


Europe Roundup: Top 10 Cities in Europe I will see 3 this summer~Amsterdam~Paris~Istanbul

Bill Cunningham.  "He who seeks beauty shall find it."

Bill Cunningham, the iconic NYC street fashion photographer. He captures style for the NY Times - all from his bicycle. Wonderful documentary: "Bill Cunningham New York"

A Dogs Life can lead to a better life for us too!  Classic Copenhagen [with pet] by Mikael Colville-Andersen, via Flickr

dog popping his head out of basket on bike in Copenhagen.going to be doing this with sergie