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Roxanne, Dominique and Lily were obsessed with the muggle reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Day 21 Favorite 2nd Gen Character: Teddy Lupin

After the death of his parents, Teddy Lupin was raised by his grandmother Andromeda. Things That Happened After The Harry Potter Books Ended

"Harry owes me 20 galleons. That'll teach him not to bet on my daughters love life".

When Rose and Scorpius told Ron and Hermione about their relationship, Ron turned to Hermione and said, “Harry owes me 20 Galleons. Teach him to bet on my daughter’s love life.

Lily Luna was so like her mother. That's why they disagreed so often.

Lily Luna was so like her mother. That’s why they disagreed so often. made by Phoebe

Nineteen Years Later

Rose hated that people found her to be so predictable.and so she decided to rebel against these expectations. Her greatest act of rebellion was when she fell for and then later married Scorpius Malfoy.It had never felt so right!

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