One of my favorite quotes from the series.

"You could live a thousand lifetimes, and still not deserve him." katniss was pretty cold in the books but sometimes we get things we don't deserve

Peeta is AMAZING!!!! he looks so in love in the bottom portion..well he is:)

Peeta is AMAZING! he looks so in love in the bottom portion.well he is:) my favorite hunger games edit!

There are not teams in the Hunger Games. There was never a choice for Katniss to make.

Liam Hemsworth Explains His Friendship With Josh Hutcherson

The Boys of Hunger Games: Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. I can't choose, Peeta or Gale?

"'You're still trying to protect me.  Real or not real,' he whispers.  'Real,' I answer.  'Because that's what you and I do, protect each other.'" — Peeta + Katniss  #hunger #games

"If he dies I'll never go home. I'll spend the rest of my life in this arena, trying to think my way out." One of my favourite quotes!

Poor the end he lost which is so sad.  My heart broke for him.

in the end he lost which is so sad. My heart broke for him. This was the worst besides what happened to Prim.

I have had a crush on him since Little Manhattan

Rv bridge to terabithia journey to the center of the earth and journey 2 the mysterious island oh and hunger games I didn't know it was him he is awesome


Funny pictures about Hunger Games: mind blown. Oh, and cool pics about Hunger Games: mind blown. Also, Hunger Games: mind blown.

The different ways she looks at them... Enough said.

Ooo I see <-- Difference between Everlark and Galeniss? Yeah but after she looks at gale she kisses him, so ha.<--- yeah but when she kisses peeta you can see how she really loves him. When she kisses Gale all i saw was sympathy.

I still cant decide if they did this on purpose or not ...

The Hunger Games: Cinna dressed Katniss and Peeta up as Belle and the Beast from "Beauty and the Beast"- mind= BLOWN!