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(2016-11) Fordelene ved at være flersproget

Padhey likhey ko Farsi kya???

She lives with 3 kitties, is protective, a friend and an enemy in one, speaks CAT.

'Get it right, son. 'Woof', not 'wolf'. ' by BART

'Woof', not 'wolf'. ' by BART

Stumbled upon The Deaf Guy comic today.  The little sign language I know should def include the bad words!  Maybe @Cyndi Shaver can teach them to me??? :)

10 reasons why 'That Deaf Guy' web comic is awesome and should be read by deaf and hearing people alike! That Deaf Guy is a web comic written by deaf cartoonist Matt Daigle and his wife Kay.

Doing love & Being Love

Doing love & Being Love