Scope of Speech Language Pathology

FREEBIE Scope of Practice printable: a great reference to share with parents and teachers to help them understand SLPs scope of practice by Let's Grow Speech.

In our Speech Room…. The SLP loves to put up posters. If you do too grab the high resolution version of this here for free!  If you post this in your speech room, make sure you send me a picture of it on twitter, instagram or facebook!  As always, if you take a freebie.. just [...]

Speech Room News: In Our Speech Room Poster {FREEBIE} will need to adapt it but most is applicable in any classroom

Never take your ability to speak for granted!

Snapple fact about speech therapy! So many ppl don't even think about how miraculous this is! We take this for granted until it's taken away from us :(

Scope of the SLP (Poster Size)

Scope of the SLP (Poster Size)

El aprendizaje y la operativa del lenguaje desde la perspectiva cerebral

Infographic: Language and Your Brain. The left hemisphere of the brain houses the centers that deal with language comprehension and speech production. There are many benefits related to learning a second language.