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shawn mendes — baby

He looks so cute omgggg

Lo quiero conocer

Lo quiero conocer

Shawn Mendes

Your smile sz

Shawn Mendes at the MTV Europe Music Awards, Rotterdam, Netherlands – 06 Nov 2016

dat glooowwww dayum what highlighter have u been using

My love is getting into punk music ❤️❤️❤️

Look at his cute lil messy hair awww I wanna run my fingers through it

Got me looking so crazy right now your touch got me looking so crazy right now

He may seem like the perfect boyfriend, but he would drop you faster … Fanfiction

⚠️WARNING⚠️ If you pin this PLS follow back or I'll might just click that block button. Pinterest: headphonesshawn<<< you go ahead and hit that block button sweetheart. I follow who I want to.

/fc: shawn Mendez / hi I am dominic alice in wonderland son sorry ladies no longer single caught ella falling down a rabbit hole (so introduce ?

Baby to benito, am I right??

Puberty hit him like a can puberty do this to my face and body>!

his lazy eye

His lazy eye!

Shawn Mendes via Snapchat 2016

Top 100 Shawn Mendes part 14 photos


Imagine: shawn sending you this snap after a night where he messed up on stage: he is talking to me