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Every casino is vying for your attention and cash, and they do this with flashing lights, show girls and free entertainment.  Take advantage of this healthy competition and enjoy some of the many “freebies” Vegas has to offer.  Below are my favorite free shows, some of which are nice enough to charge admission (don’t get any ideas Las Vegas)! #Travel #LasVegas #Freeshows #TopTen

10 Best Free Shows in Las Vegas

Did you know that many of the best attractions and thing to see in Rome are free/ Find here a list with 15 must see things in Rome you can visit on a budget

15 amazing free things to see in Rome

One of the best things you can do while studying abroad in Italy is to see all of the amazing sites this country alone has to offer! How many of these places have you been to?! #accentrome #accentflorence #studyabroad

Which Cities and Attractions Should You See When Visiting Italy?

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One of my goals is to stay on track this year is with a printable weekly planner. I have figured out that I need to keep things simple. The best way for me to keep organized is to not have too many st

Printable Weekly Planner

36 Awesone Recycled Wine Barrel Ideas  http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/byl6  There are many ways of re-purposing wine barrels, here are some of the best ideas that we’ve come across…  Which of these ideas do you like best?
"The top 30 places to go and things to see that are off the beaten path if you are traveling to or visiting Washington DC."

Washington DC Travel Guide: Historic Sites Off The Beaten Path

21 Things You Will Understand If You Have A Best Friend

21 Things You Will Understand If You Have A Best Friend

While yoga benefits the body in many different ways (i.e. stress relief, weight loss, and pain relief), it’s also one of the best workouts for relieving constipation. With a combination of deep breathing exercises and twisting poses that massage the organs, yoga works your intestinal muscles and helps release any trapped toxic stool. Below, you will find a basic yoga sequence filled with 12 poses that have been known to help improve digestion and relieve constipation.

Yoga For Digestion: 12 Poses To Get Things Moving