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Bringing home my baby Dinosaur - Album on Imgur

Bringing home my baby Dinosaur

Stolen photo of my Leachie makes it to FP and everyone says it's photoshopped, I should be flattered.

This may be the cutest little reptile ever. This Little Armadillo Lizard has stolen my heart. <3

Little Armadillo Lizard

This may be the cutest little reptile ever. This Little Armadillo Lizard has stolen my heart. >>> that's no lizard, that's a dragon

Hypo trans paradox bearded dragon

Iguanas fall ill to this disease should they have endured from malnutrition. If your iguana becomes too near the tank's heat supply, it may get burned. Throughout the last few decades, iguanas have become rather popular as exotic pets.

Croc trip, my Nan did one and had buffalo burgers for lunch many years ago. Amazing backyard us Ozies have yet most never see it.

Holidaymaker’s leaping crocodile photo wows Web

Monster Crocodile, Adelaide River, Australia photo via dailymail. this "monster croc" is missing an arm. how big was the other crocodile that bit this things arm off? i think your monster croc is still out there.

If only snakes were nice to everyone

Hmm, I never really thought snakes could be cute. *shrugs* first time for everything<<<I FRIKIN LOVE SNEKS

The African Bush Viper is perhaps the best example of a venomous snake that can be born in just about any color imaginable, which makes them very popular in the exotic pet trade. Description from snakebuddies.net. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Funny pictures about Easter snake. Oh, and cool pics about Easter snake. Also, Easter snake photos.

True love

True love

Seems they gave it the equivalent of a blow up doll! --Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 16 Pics

Cat and Dragon Develop an Unlikely But Insanely Adorable Friendship

Meet Charles the female bearded dragon and Baby the cat, the lovely duo that proves that true friendship can flourish against all odds. While the cat could


I heard you liked tigers.

I love those blue tigers! Second fave is the white tigers. then the liger/tigon, then the golden tiger, then the snow white tiger!

lizard | Very cool photo blog | Bloglovin’

lizard (Very cool photo blog)

This rainbow-colored lizard is ready to hit the dance floor and WERK. Happy Pride from The Dodo, to animals big and small!