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damn, your eyes.

damn, your eyes.

positive thoughts, positive life

positive thoughts, positive life

1. Identify the warning signs  You need to be able to be alert and pay attention to the warning signs that the body sends you when you're in a stressful situation. It's important to know how

10 Proven Ways To Help Keep Calm Under Pressure

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I would tell him he is not failure and she told him he had a character flaw, a loser, lazy, cheap bastard and not a man.

You don't know the pain and suffering you caused me. The harm you did to me as a child that still affects me to this day. You are too self centered and blame me. There is no equality to how you treat Gina and I. Im just a problem that you want to get rid of. You dont love me, never have. The only one you love unconditionally is yourself.

you don't know: what i've been through the childhood i've had how much i hate myself what i do to myself when i'm all alone how much i just want to give up how much my heart hurts how much i cry

Das stimmt!

Generation 'Downshifting': Warum wir jetzt auf Karriere pfeifen

Exactly! SOS people, shit!

depressed suicidal alone broken self harm cutting wrists . You asked. But yet another reason for you to hate me, I lied to you Samya. I lied to you.

Depressing short poem

Depressing short poem

For me, this is the time to snuggle even closer to Jehovah <3

Sad Love Quotes : i hate those moments after i'm done crying and i just sit there emotionless - Quotes Time