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Feminist Girls and guys! Don’t let anyone try to shame you into presenting yourself in a way that doesn’t make you feel confident and good about yourself. Rock your body and your aesthetic and let others rock theirs.

I love my fandoms. They care, respect and are nonjudgemental. <3

WHoopi Goldberg on realizing she could be what she wanted to be. Uhura on Star Trek was a role model.

Equality (or everybody that grows up.)

We have to teach our boys the rules of equality and respect, so that as they grow up, gender equality becomes a natural way of life. And we have to teach our girls that they can reach as high as humanly possible.

#SaveAgentCarter - Twitter Search

From left to right I believe is Peggy Carter, Merida, Angelica Schyluer (spelled that wrong oops), Hermione Granger, Diana Prince and Princess Leia

Neil Gaiman - Make Good Art in the boys art on the walls is: speed racer, coraline, super man, avengers, woody, batman, wolverine, godzilla, and hulk

Make Good Art

Neil Gaiman wisdom, Make Good Art. Quote beautifully depicted by ZenPencils.

School dress code schools would rather fix our tank top "shoulder problem" than fix the students struggling daily just to barely pass

dress codes are misogynistic , sexist, slut shame, and objectify girls bodies.>>>Preach it girl. (Excuse any language)

Nothing wrong!

This is a x (standard size) postcard print of Sara M Lyons original artwork "my thighs touch bc they love each other." The front is semi-glossy and

13 Times Body Positive Artwork Shut Up All The Haters And Inspired Us Along The Way | Bustle

13 Pieces Of Empowering Body Positive Artwork

Who is this man? Im fairly certain he and I are going to get married. I LOVE it when men speak up about situations like this and who arent afraid to speak their minds about ridiculous beauty standards.

Comedian Destroys Joan Rivers Over Adele Comments.I would be completely ok with it if I looked like Adele! Joan Rivers looks like a walking advertisement for bad plastic surgery.

egal, was man macht, es gibt immer jemanden, der einen dafür verurteilt. wenn es also keinen weg gibt, ohne spott, ohne urteile, ohne ungefragte meinungen oder ratschläge zu leben, können wir deren stimmen auch gleich ignorieren und einfach so sein, wie wir sind.

How Society Polices Women’s Clothing (No Matter What We Wear) <<< it's really sad how true this is

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Feminists Shouldn't Police Other Women's Clothing Choices - guilty of some of this myself = /

Why Feminists Shouldn’t Police Other Women’s Clothing Choices.So maybe we should stop judging such basic aspects of a person like their clothing and consider their actions to be more important

HIIT inpsired by Body Rock TV

11 Stylish Alternatives to Lululemon

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