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By >> I know this has nothing to do with Gravity Falls, but it made me think about Dipper for some reason so its going in my Gravity Falls board. Sorry for the long sentence lol


I'm the landlord and i can let whoever i want live inside" Savannah B Insta: domederubirac Shuffle Buy Me a Coffee ☕

Bedroom Sign ;-)

Classy and Naughty Passion in Color Classy But Naughty Naughty Love in Color Classy Love Classy Passion Love in Color Colorful Passion

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I learned that when I found you again, I was never letting you go. I was alone for so fucking long that I got so used to the quiet. I can’t breath now in the quiet.

imagecaptain: “ [a photo of a sign with the text: “this is a quiet zone please talk softly” ”