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Top 10 Mistakes Dentists Make in Financial Planning ~ Dental Economics http://t.co/UEP5YT5O5f retirement planning for dentists

In this article from Dental Economics the emphasis is on a rational approach to clinical purchases or simply put: "DON'T shop til you drop!

Your Doctor Is Drowning In Debt [Infographic] image StudentDoctorNetwork 2013 report NEW

Although a medical career is generally looked at as being one of the best paying, doctors today aren’t getting to see a whole lot of their earnings – it’s going toward paying for th…

Lower cholesterol naturally by eating more high-fiber cholesterol-lowering foods to reduce LDL cholesterol, make your heart healthier, and reduce heart disease risk.

11 Power Foods for Lower Cholesterol

11 Power Foods for Lower Cholesterol Your ticker is begging you to eat these super heart-healthy foods, which could help lower your cholesterol as much some medication.

Transitioning to a Direct Primary-Care Medical Practice | Physicians Practice

CPA TJ Casey shares eight tips for physicians regarding deductions to investigate as the tax deadline approaches.

In this article Mark Hyman, MD tells us how the 10-Day Detox Diet Plan can help you rehabilitate from being a ‪"sugar junkie".

In this article Mark Hyman, MD tells us how the Detox Diet Plan can help you rehabilitate from being a ‪sugar junkie.

Candulor ToothScout App assists with denture tooth selection in clinic.

The Candulor Toothscout App helps you to select the appropriate sets of teeth to suit different types of patients and to give natural results.

Replace Broken Dental Implant Screws in Los Angeles & Burbank | Ramsey Amin DDS

Fixed Dental Implant Bridge vs. Implant Denture – What is the REAL Difference?

The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food

Soy Free Diet - Cooking Convenience Items for All (Cooking Spray, Margarine, Gum, Chocolate, etc.)

The Dangers of Soy (read on, and you easily see how soy, in the way it is being consumed now in the USA, is not the healthy superfood food as they tried to trick us to believe)

Shade matching, smile capture, daylight production ... on your iphone [Swiss made]

on your iphone [Swiss made]

DIY Liver Capsules- one of the best #realfood supplements you can take | Butternutrition.com #nutrition

Low energy or fatigue? This food's anti-fatigue factor is off the charts!

5 razones para DEJAR de tomar LECHE [advertencia grafico]

Pus, blood, RBGH, naturally occurring hormones that cause cancer and more. No more milk think about your life and your families lives its not to late to make a change.

Which of your favorite natural and organic brands actually support the labelling of GMOs and your right to know? prop 37 poster

Major Natural Foods Brands Opposing GMO Labeling

42 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Grapes: A recent study by a University of Missouri researcher shows that resveratrol found in grape skins and red wine, can make certain cancer cells more vulnerable to radiation treatment.

Grapes are berry fruits with refreshing sweet flavor. Available in many varieties, they are used in many food preparations. Know the various benefits, nutrition facts & their usage.

Survey Finds Dental Licensing Laws Archaic

of dentists surveyed do not like the current U. dental licensing system and would like to see a universal system of licensure by credentials.